Women in film, games and new media

Friday, December 9, 2011 TIFF Nexus, an exciting new series at TIFF Bell Lightbox, is bringing together the worlds of Film, Games and New Media through events designed to foster cross-sector creativity. Following our SOLD OUT Locative Media Innovation Day, TIFF Nexus, in partnership with...

TIFF Nexus Locative Media Day keynote presentation

Design guru and author of Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design, Bill Buxton discusses how the three rules of digital are more-or-less the same as those for real-estate: location, location, location. Click the adjacent image to watch his entire presentation on Whereable Media now!

The Peripherals Initiative Presentations

As the first in a series of four creative jams, The Peripherals Initiative paired hardware hackers with game developers in an effort to innovate in areas of interfaces. Check out the project results as they were presented by jam participants at the TIFF Nexus Locative Media Day conference.

BLOG:TIFF Nexus-y Films from TIFF'11

The Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing and while TIFF Nexus’ presence skews towards the Industry side of things during the festival with a panel on the film and video game adaptation of William Gibson’s Neuromancer and a swanky networking reception, that doesn’t stop TIFF’s fantastic film program from yielding a few titles that I think are particularly TIFF Nexus-y.



Vids of Interest: Chiptunes Orchestra Nuit-Blanche Recipe Remix!

By: PeterK

A handy video-recipe courtesy of the TIFF Bell Lightbox’s Content Capture Department on what it takes to make a rockin’ Nuit Blanche project. Featuring the music of Jeff The World

Events of Interest: The Music of the Video Game @ Nuit Blanche

By: PeterK

It is less than a week from the 2011 edition of Toronto’s all-night-art-thing Nuit Blanche, and those scrambling to sort out a schedule for “the-best-excuse-to-stay-up-all-night” would be wise to take

The Peripherals Initiative: We be jammin’

By: admin

TIFF Nexus’ first Creative Jam, The Peripherals Initiative, is underway! Participants from a game design background and a hardware hacker/ DIY electronics background came together in the TIFF Bell Lightbox